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Worship and Travel Mahiyanganaya




Sorabora Wewa Reservoir

The eminent Sorabora Wewa, the huge water system supply of old Bimthanne lies about 1km from the Mahiyangana town. Alluded to as the ‘Ocean of Bimthanne’ in the antiquated past it is a position of chronicled building virtuoso. An excellent walk-route around the supply bears for flawless unwinding.

Developed during the rule of King Dutugemunu (161–137 BC), legend says that the supply was worked by a resident and a fairly obscure armed force general called Bulatha. The conduit which is flawless and being used since, was based on a characteristic existing stone shake. Today, the Sorabora Wewa Reservoir which is rich in birdlife is an appreciation for the nature sweethearts.

Utilizing the characteristic shake to construct the floodgate door appears be one of a kind to Bulatha and is one of two known tanks in old water system history of Sri Lanka to utilize this innovation.

The Raja Maha Viharaya Mahiyangana

Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara is an old Buddhist sanctuary in Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka. It is accepted to be the site of Gautama Buddha’s first visit to the nation, and is one of the Solosmasthana; the 16 hallowed religious areas in Sri Lanka.

As indicated by legend Prince Saman of the Deva clan mentioned the Buddha for a token of quality that could be held high in veneration; therefore he was allowed a twist of hair from the Buddha’s head. The Prince cherished the hair relic in the antiquated Mahiyangana Stupa. In this way Mahiyangana turned into the first historically speaking Stupa to be worked in Sri Lanka.

The sanctuary of Mahiyangana is an unquestionable requirement visit as it gloats of a rich religious and social legacy and you can be a piece of the ceremonies and practices did by the society of the encompassing towns.

Rathna Elle – Water Falls

Arranged in the town of Hasalaka, around a 30 min drive from Mapakada town is the Rathna Elle cascades, a genuinely amazing background. A short drive and a beautiful climb (3km) of around one and a half hours encompassed by woods, rich green paddy fields and a streaming stream carries you to your goal. The deafening thunder of the falls is a steady backup as you explore through the farmland and the great spectacular sight as you lay eyes upon the spouting wrap of waters is awe-inspiring!

Enjoy a customary Sri-Lankan supper near the falls arranged by neighborhood towns on solicitation.


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